Haas & Hahn: This is not the end

Online documentary (part 2) from HUB Footwear about the Favela Painting project, directed by Miguel Narings for VICE. Music by Baris Akardere. 

A couple of months ago we’ve launched the documentary ‘A Day in the Life of Haas & Hahn’. In this film we followed Dutch artists Dre Urhahn and Jeroen Koolhaas in their quest to use art to revive socially troubled neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro and Philadelphia. When we stopped filming, we left Haas & Hahn fighting against the clock to finish their Philly Painting project on time. A lot has happened since then.

We went back to Philadelphia to follow Haas & Hahn and their team in the final hours of their project. Will they finish everything on time? And maybe even more important, what’s going to happen after the completion of the project. Is this really the end?

Director: Miguel narings
Production company: VICE
DOP: Thijmen Doornik
Editor: Martin Sinkgraven
Executive producers: Mees Maks, Sjoerd Raaijmakers, Thijs Boon
Head of content: Perre van de Brink
Creative producer: Lea Fels
Project manager: Sabrina Simons
Sound: Jason Wesley
Grading: Fernando Rodrigues / FILMMORE
Music: Baris Akardere

 (c) Baris Akardere 2023. All rights reserved.